Throughout his weavings, Guillaume invites us on a journey to explore and discover the outdoor world. Found of nature and wildlife, his inspiration comes from the encounters he makes in the mountains surrounding the studio, should it be the shape of tree, the colour of a flower or the fleece of an animal. Therefore, His weavings reveal a subtil alchemy between elegance and simplicity, daring and unprecedented.

As an artist, contemplation is the foundation of his creativity. Undeniably, he finds inspiration far from fast paced modern life, enjoying a walk in the woods with the Muses as companions.

The weaver

Subtil shades, on one side, and strong contrasts, on the other, are some of the boundaries of Guillaume’s weaving repertoire. Simple and refined out of time designs come from the inspiration he finds in the colours of nature throughout the seasons. With such inspiration, classical fabrics such as Prince of Wales check, tweed, houndstooth or herringbone do not get old, as if a philosopher’s stone was somehow operating at the studio.
With his own touch of madness, our weaver also likes a challenge. He has made Damask and Lampas weaving his speciality and research field. He likes to experiment and mix the techniques so he can enrich the aesthetics possibilities they offer. Perfectionist and found of innovation, he knows how to create unique modern designs, rooted in ancient skills.