The studio

The studio is nested in the heart of the Jura Mountains, and the circle of the seasons outside is mirrored with the rhythm of the shuttles inside.

Witnessing the birth of a cloth is like observing a growing bird or a blooming flower. Patiently, the colours settle and the pattern becomes clearer… A few yarn cones resting on a shelf turn into yards of fabric which will fly away from the studio where they were born.

Like the members of a tribe, each one of the looms in our studio has its history, temper and secrets. Never mind the wood they are made of, wether it is pine, beech or birch, the weaver, still learning or experienced, has to understand them.

Bobinage d’une canette

In any case, nothing is more sustainable or natural than the encounter between the wood of our looms and the fibres we weave. Some of our looms kindly graze wool while others beat linen more firmly.

Our secret recipe is not that secret after all. Make an appointment to come and visit the studio. Dive into our ecosystem where the balance between tension and relaxation is subtile, and where the mood of linen changes with the weather. Discover how the weaver is the gardian of the studio’s harmony.


Every reason to develop and foster weaving skills is a good reason, wether it is serious business or fun: learning a new skill, escaping, finding creativity ressources you never thought you had in you, trying a DIY activity, understanding the structure of fabric… This is why we will tailor a bespoke training program to fit your own wishes and goals.